Green Tai – Health & Safety


We acknowledge that the very nature of our work means we will have some impact on the environment. We strive to conduct our business in a manner that minimizes the effects of construction on the environment and the people who use the space. We call this philosophy Green-Tai.

Green-Tai involves better choices for a better world.

  • Choosing environmentally friendly materials that are raw, unprocessed, recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Adopting the least polluting construction methods that reduce dust, noise, emissions, waste and water pollution.
  • Using materials that are less harmful to the human body.
  • Installing an all-inclusive energy system that delivers quality indoor airflow and timely dissemination of harmful fumes.
  • Applying green technologies that delivery efficiencies in the use of water, waste and energy.

Zero pollution on a construction site is not a reality at this time but with forward planning and working in compliance with Chinese environmental and building regulations, it is our goal to achieve results that won’t adversely affect the ecology of the environment.


The importance of health and safety for our onsite personnel, the surrounding neighbors and the environment during the construction and renovation process cannot be understated.

We aim to achieve zero incidents. Our project managers have extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in occupational safety requirements to ensure compliance with current regulations. All construction staff are assessed on their qualifications and comprehension of workplace safety regulations before being permitted onsite. Workers must wear safety hats, harnesses and protective gear. Our construction sites are kept in a safe, secure and neat condition, we carry out regular risk assessments and onsite safety audits so that we can continually improve our safety systems and we plan and execute our work activities always with the consideration of public safety.