Mission & Purpose


Our name is drawn from ancient Chinese oracle text, the word WEI meaning ‘protect’ and ‘defend’, and TAI meaning ‘peace of mind’. In old wisdom, a guardian force devoted to the peace and prosperity of a village, would guide the villagers with courage and determination to deliver them from floods and defend them from harm.

Like these honorable caretakers, the VTAI mission is to navigate our clientele through the challenging waters of change and transition. We believe that a perfect interior should strengthen the bonds between the people who inhabit the space. By taking into consideration this human element, VTAI builds beautiful, functional spaces.

At VTAI, it is not just a quintessential space that we build but also trust, loyalty and long-term partnerships with our valued clientele.


At VTAI, our customer service motto “Always in Pursuit of Service Excellence” is aligned our commitment to provide a total service experience by proactively anticipating customer needs and expectations while aiming to exceed them every time. This level of effort is woven into the fabric that makes up VTAI’s business philosophy.

There are no short cuts to quality service. It is multi-layered and requires a professional knowledge of all the tiny details that make an interior perfect, from floor to ceiling. At the same time, we assemble the best talent, research and technology, so every fit-out is executed to the highest possible standards without compromising the health of the environment or anyone using the space.

VTAI is proud of every project undertaken and aspire to be recognized as a world leader in interior construction. We are continually improving in the areas of work productivity, customer service and management processes. We strive to meet international standards in environmental and health and safety credentials.

The field we work within is in constant motion. In order to stay relevant, we have to be adaptable, and at the same time staying true to company core values. We question old practices and, if a better idea or response can meet the needs of our customers, we will accommodate improved ideas in order to exceed the needs of our customers and build exceptional spaces.