As urban populations expand and lifestyle requirements change, at VTAI we see opportunities for the innovative reinterpretation of the way space is used in apartment environments.

With shrinking living spaces throughout China, there is increasing demand for meticulous spatial design. This requires special planning to provide harmony between the living preferences of the homeowner, the specific usages of each room and fixed spatial parameters.

Our aim is to craft quality apartments and homes that enrich the lifestyle of all that live there. We understand that living environments need more than just style and elegance. They also need the vibrancy and flexibility to capture residents’ imaginations and suit their constantly-changing lifestyles.

Apartment interiors must deliver the perfect aesthetic balance between classical and contemporary style so that the rooms feel modern and functional but also and cozy and tranquil. Every room has a different focus and purpose and must be considered on an individual basis. For example, the bedroom is the heart of the home and where the occupant will spend a large part of their time and its importance cannot be underestimated. The interior design of a bedroom requires special attention. By solving the sensitivities around acoustic, privacy, technology and lighting requirements, the bedroom can become a place of harmony and well-being.

To this end, VTAI will study the habits and lifestyle of a client and provide all essential recommendations during the design phase, in order to accommodate all practical requirements.