Public amenities are vital to the welfare of a city and its population. High traffic spaces require a flexible approach to construction and interior fit-outs. Although each project is unique, our philosophy – to create a place that has a strong sense of community – remains unchanged throughout the diverse range of public projects that we undertake such as hospitals, schools, cinemas and museums.

The key considerations of public safety and efficiencies in service delivery are carefully balanced with respect for the surrounding community and the environment. During construction, our project managers and engineers survey the site so that foreseeable challenges can be anticipated and every element is implemented safely.

At VTAI we are pioneers in adopting the ‘VTAI Quality Hammer’ (VQH) work practices. Our quality control approach is to recognize and reward team members who attain a high quality of workmanship. On the other hand, we do not tolerate irresponsible work practices or poor workmanship by any individual at the worksite. If found, the team member will be penalized and the substandard finishing shall be removed. Through these efforts, we aim to instill a discipline and responsibility into our team so that they thoroughly comprehend the importance of quality control. This is a very important way to gain trust and loyalty from our customers.

It is VTAI’s obsession with detail that elevates our level of quality in interior construction above local standards. No cutting corners, no cutting costs. Details such as installing protective layering in a cistern to prevent leaking, positioning pipes for ease of repair and using 5mm ceiling plasterboard to prevent cracking all add longevity to the space are just some of the quality details that are standard at VTAI.