With growing global competitiveness in the commercial sector, first impressions count in the retail environment. The correct fit-out helps to communicate a brand and is crucial to retail success.

For every retail space, the challenge is to convert an empty shell into an interior of beauty and depth in terms of design, as well as instilling the desire to purchase. The nuances of one-dimensional theory must be interpreted into a living and breathing space that expresses the values of the brand. From customized interiors to international retail chain stores, VTAI will build a world-class space that will be pleasing to the senses, stand-out from the crowded retail landscape and encourage customers to walk through the door.

VTAI builds interiors that symbolize simplicity yet radiate classical quality with a design palette that enhances the product offering while remaining consistent with the spirit of the brand.

To satisfy space and layout requirements and working within the parameters of the brand, VTAI uses simple, modern design language to enable the space to speak for itself and display its individual character.

The replication of store design in different shaped and sized spaces can be achieved through the use of vertical and horizontal alignment in each surface area. The creative use of simple building materials can be a focal point for visual impact.