Quality Assurance


‘Productivity and efficiency can be achieved only step by step with sustained hard work, relentless attention to detail and insistence on the highest standards of quality and performance.’
– J. R. D. Tata

In today’s rapidly developing market economy, competition among enterprises is increasingly ambitious. What sets VTAI apart is our solid commitment to workmanship. We strive to set industry benchmarks for the highest levels of quality in personnel, construction methods and service.

The difference between success and failure is a great team. Each project has a dedicated VTAI team who are focused on achieving every aspect of your interior design plans to the level of finish that you demand. VTAI management personnel have the proven ability to plan, organise and execute projects effectively at all levels. We select team members who are professional and have a positive mentality to solve challenges.

Along with our human resources management system and a good compensation program, we achieve a win-win situation with our team members by creating the right environment for them to develop their skills, while growing with the company. We provide constant training while enhancing their exposures in their areas of technical expertise through various projects and mentorship. To this end, VTAI has built the necessary foundation to attract, retain and create talent within our company. This is a necessity so that we can continue to progress the agenda of our company and our clients.

A number of detailed activities are undertaken to ensure the accurate translation of design plans into a beautiful new workplace, hotel, restaurant, showroom, retail space or residential interior. We apply stringent Construction Management Quality Assurance (CMQA) procedures in all our projects.

So that there is consistency in everything we do, the team must abide by VTAI’s in-house CMQA manual. A detailed progress report is made daily, enabling management and customers to track issues as they arise and to stay informed of development and critical deadlines.

The customer is the ultimate user of VTAI services and products. Customers have every right to comment on the quality of our service and product. As a result, customers are our best quality surveyor and improviser.

Introducing VTAI’s Gold Service Standard (GSS) where you can access the highest level of service excellence. Our commitment to GSS drives VTAI’s company strategy at every level. During each step of the project, we encourage customer feedback. This valuable source of ideas and insight gives rise to the improvement of our overall brand and customer experience. Subsequently, VTAI is able to continually innovate and improve our service offering.

VTAI’s GSS Care extends beyond project delivery. VTAI invests a substantial amount of resources and human capital in the area of after-sales service. To ensure peace of mind and the continued optimization of our clientele’s workplace or home, we have dedicated Maintenance Service Centers (MSC). Located in Beijing, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan, Chongqing and Shanghai, the MSC are equipped with professional tradespeople who are tasked to follow-up closely with any customer feedback and are on call for emergency repairs.

Gold Standard Service

i. Each MSC has the following professionals:

  1. Service Centre Manager (1): Responsible for coordinating all tasks.
  2. Electrical Engineers (2): Responsible for air conditioning, water and all electrical works.
  3. Carpenters (1): Responsible for furniture, walls and ceiling areas.
  4. Painters (2): Maintenances of various paint finishes.
  5. Emergency Handyman (1): Responding to emergencies arising from each project.

ii. Maintenance Schedule:

  1. 3 Maintenance Inspections per month
  2. Maintenance Response time is 48 hours
  3. Emergency Repair Response time is 2 hours

Quality control is a never-ending quest in our trade. The long-term trust and loyalty of VTAI customers has been forged through the utmost effort to provide honest and dedicated service. The journey is as important as the destination and for that reason, we are never complacent. VTAI strive to soar to greater heights with constant self-examination to higher quality and service.