Sustainability Development


Sustainable development benefits everyone and while VTAI has made progress in sustainability we should not be complacent about the challenges ahead. To continue to prosper and grow, it’s important that we try our best to work within a sustainability framework that encompasses long-term goals such as using cleaner energy and less water, reducing waste, investing in green innovation and respecting the natural environment.
Taking a holistic approach to the application of green technology and construction methods, we work towards;

  1. Reducing environmental disturbance to the surrounding area and respecting the construction environment by planting flora around the site and keeping a closed site to reduce noise and dust.
  2. Tailoring construction activities according to weather patterns such as inclement weather.
  3. Saving energy by using natural resources, especially energy and water, as efficiently as possible.
  4. Reducing environmental pollution by keeping waste, site emissions and air, water and land pollution to a minimum.
  5. Using the most advanced scientific technologies to ensure construction quality.

VTAI considers the future health of the occupants of the environments we build. We maintain efficient airflows, maximize natural sunlight and where possible, using CFC-free and green building materials.

Green construction is not a new concept but by combining traditional techniques with new technologies, sustainable building practices can be augmented. Preserving and nurturing the ecosystem is a VTAI mandate.